DIAGON ALLEY Weasleys Puking Pastilles!
  • DIAGON ALLEY Weasleys' Puking Pastilles!

Hey, it's Friday! The Friday after Fourth of July! (I drank beer and watched Pain & Gain yesterday, thank you for asking, so yes, my Fourth of July was excellent.) Get ready for your Friday to be made, though—because due to this Fifth of July bullshit, even if you're at the office (like me), and even if you're like the only person in the office (like me), you're doing absolutely fuck-all (unlike me, because I'm about to make your Friday):

Obviously, this is a Street Viewed version of the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour, which is found in Hertfordshire, UK—not London like in the books. But that's OK: you can still explore all those weird old shops, like Slug & Jiggers apothecary and Flourish and Blotts bookshop. If that's your thing. (Via.)

IT CERTAINLY IS MY THING! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find the secret passage that will almost certainly take me down Knockturn Alley. What could go wrong? Good day.