Tulsa, Oklahoma, deserves to host the 2024 Olympics because, you know, Tulsa is the "real" America:

Tulsa, its boosters argue, offers something that big-ticket American rivals like Los Angeles, Boston and Dallas can only dream of—the vast frontier of America. This part of the country produced Woody Guthrie and Jim Thorpe. Neon signs still glow along Route 66. J.... “The larger cities aren’t truly representative of what the real America is,” said Jennifer Jones of the Tulsa 2024 bid committee. “The real America is the midsize cities, and we want people to see America.”

And what do some people in the "real America" want to see?

A Tulsa man who was arrested on allegations that he watched a woman and her 7-year-old daughter from underneath a White Water Park toilet near the Keystone Dam could face felony charges. Kenneth Webster Enlow, 52, was arrested about 5 p.m. Sunday after being found covered in human waste inside the holding tank beneath a permanent outhouse at the park, which is west of Sand Springs. The woman told sheriff’s deputies that she looked into the toilet and “saw the water move,” according to Enlow’s arrest report. “As she looked closer, she noticed that there was a man looking up at her,” the report states.

Lord knows we've got shit-covered perverts right here in unreal America. But I've never heard any of our shit-covered perverts describe America's small towns as less authentically American. (Shit-covered pervert story via Gawker.)