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Another week, another Mercury music section that doesn't come with a Daft Punk "Get Lucky" condom. You're unprotected! Read with caution. (Fun fact: I got a U2 condom—gross—at one of their concerts when I was a kid. I don't remember what I did with it. Not sex, obviously. Sorry, this fact is less fun than I thought it would be.)
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WL started off as a band called Well, and when they found out there was another band called Well, well, they shortened it to WL. You can pronounce it "well" or "double you ell," either way is cool with them.

LISTEN: WL - "You're Not Really Here"

Chris Newman turns 60, and is hanging up his spurs—his Napalm Beach spurs, that is. Newman took a look back at the history of that seminal Portland punk band, and looks to the future with his other projects, including Boo Frog.

LISTEN: Napalm Beach - "Teen Dream"

With his new EP Trouble Man, Portland emcee Tope reasserts his independence, and isn't looking back.

LISTEN: Tope ft. Grynch & Spac3man - "Family Affair"

Deafheaven made a black metal album that sounds nothing like black metal. Or, they made a post-rock album that sounds a lot like black metal. Whatever they did, they're the only ones doing it, and they're getting plenty of attention for it.

LISTEN: Deafheaven - "Dreamhouse"

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