This week's Letters to the Editor page is all about lists, as in listing off the ways in which someone else is getting burnt.

—But first! Reader Benafan suggests t-shirts made to commemorate Portland As Fuck (whose author, Ian Karmel, will soon be moving to Los Angeles Like Fuck) with some limited edition t-shirts! Yeah man, go for it!

—Then someone named Megan picked the wrong day to suggest we "change our whole paper" to be like the weekly in Burlington, VT. She probably predicted we would decline the suggestion, but perhaps did not predict Editor in Chief Wm Steven Humphrey's five-point list of counter suggestions/burns. Sample: "(2) Ditch your holier-than-thou rural attitude."

—CGW addressing this whole Last Thursday madness with a handy list of things that Friends of Last Thursday—or whoever—might want to take responsibility for, including "(5) costs associated with mitigating any action that places people, property, or reasonable and contextual social order at risk." Boy, that sure sounds like a lot of responsibility.

—And lastly, the sad tale on Bonnie the blind, missing pet rabbit. Ima go cry into some carrot juice.

Just... IMAGINE!
  • Just... IMAGINE!