Naturally the day I'm telecommuting from home the head shop connected to the building that houses the Mercury offices catches on fire! WHY DO I MISS EVERYTHING??? Here's a couple of pics courtesy of Merc freelancer Joe Streckert of the Kind Supply fire (a business furnishing Portland with glass pipes, hemp supplies, incense oils and more, located at 120 SW Ankeny):

So far no reports of injuries (phew), and we'll supply more deets as we get them. Currently everyone in editorial is working over at Floyd's coffee shop if you want to stop by and harass them.

UPDATE: Still no word on how the fire started, but it seems to have been contained to the Kind Supply store which received a lot of smoke and water damage. As our on the scene videographer Joe Davis aptly noted, "It smelled just like you would think a burnt head shop would." Check out his video of firemen walking around with their shirts on after the jump.