Revenge is a dish best served cold. Know what else is best served cold? Gazpacho! But I digress...

I know that you have been calling me a whore and tell our boss things so that I cant get good shifts. That you have been flirting with my ex boyfriend via text. And that you stole money when I let you stay at my place for a week. I just felt that I could find a better solution than confronting you, because I cant stand the juvenile arguing , and accusations, and most likely denial of what I already know you have been doing. So with much thought on how to confront the situation, if confront it at all. I found, in my mind, a way to ease my thoughts.

How did this lady "ease her thoughts"? GAZPACHO! Wait... no... REVENGE!! Find out how and while you're there, submit your own rant or confession to the I, Anonymous Blog—which is a delicious, cold Spanish soup.