It's Video Vriday! Quickly, now.

Here's Sama Dams with a live performance taken from a recent show at Sellwood's Piano Fort. They lurch their way through the insane, stuttering rhythms of "Pretty Ghosts," offering proof that the Portland trio is fully able to bring the trickiness they manage in the studio into a live setting. The musicianship here is astonishing, indicating that Sama Dams is currently one of Portland's must-see live acts. Only problem is, they're on the road right now, but they'll be back home in August and are playing the Alberta Street Fair on August 10, and also at Holocene on August 14 with Body Parts and Tango Alpha Tango.
• • •

Here's the new one from System and Station, the long-running and occasionally overlooked Portland rock band who recently released a self-titled album, their seventh release in close to a decade and a half. The video for "Saturday Night Friends" is, in the band's words, "a performance video but with the hilarity of each personality in tow. The video takes a look at musical genres/ trends over the years and takes a stab at current and past styles but all in good fun." With assured playing and solid riffage, System and Station remain one of Portland's most consistent and reliably rockin' bands.

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We brought you up to speed with Tope's recent doings in an article this week, and here's the video from his new Trouble Man EP. This clip for "Church Girls," directed by V1 Creative and Tope, doesn't offer much in the way of church—unless champagne is a kind of church, which it is—but there's plenty in the way of girls. That's Tope's grandma in a cameo, and the song closes with his request to follow the emcee on Twitter, brilliant marketing when you think about it.
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Here's a thought-provoking video from Malheur VOL, the recording project of musician/activist Robert Park, who recorded this track with Portland's Chris Newman (whose band Napalm Beach hung up its spurs last night) and Portland engineer Mike Lastra. Park was captured, imprisoned, and tortured by North Korean forces in 2009 following a Christmas Day protest; this song, and Malheur VOL's upcoming album deal with Park's experiences and subsequent mental health complications following the ordeal. For more about Park and his activism work, check out his website.
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Switching gears entirely, here's the Tron-esque video for Murphy N Weller's "We're Them and They're Us." Murphy N Weller is a one man solo project that wasn't originally intended to play any live shows, but with the upcoming release of the new self-titled EP, that may change. Check out the EP over on Bandcamp, and sink deep into the trippy visuals of the video, which was animated by Jose Preciado.
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Portland emcee (and video director in his own right) Beejan has a new EP on the way called Rainy Summer, which possibly might not be about the very dry summers we get here. At any rate, here's a first taste: In the video for "Love," Beejan gets high and rides a merry-go-round. Sounds like an approximation of love to me. Rainy Summer will be available as a free download on July 16.
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Last up! Let's follow Party Damage Records honcho Ben Hubbird and Wild Ones' Clayton Knapp as they hand-deliver vinyl copies of Wild Ones' debut album Keep It Safe to various Portland area record stores. Hubbird tells us there are test pressings and silkscreened posters for the first customers to pick up physical copies of the album (which you can read more about here) and lets us know where to find them:
Beacon Sound / NE 15th and Prescott
Jackpot Records / SE 36th and Hawthorne and W 9th and Burnside
Music Millennium / E 32nd and Burnside
Tender Loving Empire / SW 10th and Stark
Happy Vriday!