The Texas Senate yesterday finally succeeded in passing the strict anti-abortion legislation that had been stymied by filibuster last month. The filibuster, as we know from Washington, can be something of a dirty trick. This law, which Gov. Rick Perry will sign, is dirtier. '

Opponents of the law aren't giving up.

Weekends aren't free when you're deciding a case the nation's obsessed with. Jurors in the George Zimmerman trial enter their second day of deliberation this morning.

A third passenger that was on the Asiana flight that crash-landed at the San Francisco Airport has died. And officials confirmed yesterday another person who died in the accident—a 16-year-old covered in fire-retardent foam—was run over by a fire truck making its way to the scene.

Meanwhile in London, an empty Boeing 787 just sort of caught fire. Question: Does all this mayhem portend badly for the fact I'm flying next week? Or is it maybe good because all the tragedy and eerie airplane self-immolation is now out of the way?

The allegedly dead Columbia River Crossing has decided to go ahead and still seek Coast Guard approval, which could lead one to believe officials will try to resurrect the controversial project. The Columbian reports, though, that activity is winding down in the project's Vancouver headquarters, which are expected to be empty by September.

An interesting look in The Atlantic (complete with a shout out to my buddy Antonio Planas at the Boston Herald) at the legion of female supporters of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and their motivations.

It would be pointless to even post the Weather Widget during the summer if not for the sheer joy of seeing six yellow orbs lined up tidily in a row. It's gonna be a good week. And I should be on a bike right now.


Lastly, have you all seen the awfully titled American Hipster Presents series and the videos they did in Portland? I just found them a couple days ago. Here's one. Terrible, really terrible or sort of okay?