Another beautiful day, another option for you to demonstrate in a Portland park.

The flummoxing, enraging, disheartening acquittal of George Zimmerman yesterday has spurred calls for a rally this afternoon at North Portland's Peninsula Park.

The event's being organized, apparently, by The Portland Alliance and by a group called Campaign to End the New Jim Crow—at least these are the groups who've sent out e-mails about the rally. The Portland Alliance, which calls itself the "city's oldest alternative progressive newspaper," has this message on its website:

George Zimmerman ignored the dispatcher's instruction to leave Trayvon alone. He then tracked down the 17 year-old kid because he was black. Trayvon was unarmed and just walking home. George accosted the young man and after a scuffle pulled a gun on him. Instead of ending the fight, he decided to shoot the young man, because he knew he could get away with it. George was found not guilty of any crime, but a 17 year old kid who committed no crime is dead. He was guilty of walking while black. We are all Trayvon and cannot let this injustice stand. No Justice, No Peace. Time to stand up, March, Speak Out, and Demand Justice.

And here's a Facebook page for the event.

Interestingly, the rally could pose more a disruption to sunny Sunday nuptials than the weekend's Camp Cascadia protests at Mount Tabor Park, which, it was feared, might tarnish ceremonies at the popular wedding spot, but have turned out to be peaceable and more than willing to accommodate the demands of police and park rangers. Peninsula Park, with its rose garden and lovely gazebo, is also a hot spot for weddings.

Anyway, you should go to the rally.