The dinner/presentation event hosted monthly at Union/Pine is coming up once again this Sunday. Portland institution the Farm Café is planning a menu of "Lamb andouille and "hunter's-style" duck sausage and olive-oil poached Oregon albacore tuna with wood-fired Romano beans, potato salad viscose [?], and sorrel pistou." These dinners combine a splurgy-but-well-priced dinner served at communal tables, but it's not only about the food. Each edition features a different person of interest giving a brief, casual talk. This month's is particularly intriguing, given that it's Katrina Scotto Di Carlo, one of the founders behind both Supportland and Portland Made.

Despite the fact that Scotto Di Carlo's usually discussing new concepts for local and communal economies, here she'll be talking about "lineage," including local roots as well as "ideas on ancestry and origin." The $65 ticket covers food and a series of paired drinks with each course, dessert, and decor touches all brought to you by small local businesses. It's not cheap, but it's more than fair for what you get, with the added bonus of interesting company and—hopefully—thought provoking conversation.

Here's a video of last month's made by Randall Garcia and Samahra Little, for visual confirmation of the words "eating" and "talking":