Lemonaaaaade! Lemonaaaaade! Get your ice cold lemonaaaaaaade right here, and... hey mister! Would you like to buy some of my lemonade?

Hate to break the news kid, but it sucks. The shit was warm and your hair was a bit unkept. Also, I don't think you have ever washed your hands thoroughly. You were missing a few teeth too but I'll let that slide.

The sign said it was organic so I asked you if the lemonade was certified organic. You shrugged your shoulders. No reply, just shrugged.

What the fuck kind of business plan do you have here?

Umm... umm... WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! (This message brought to you by the I, Anonymous Blog—now happily accepting your confessions, rants, and descriptions about how you made some poor kid cry.)