Values. Are you passing them on? Every other billboard seems to want you to. It's easy to be jaded and think there's some kind of evil message behind the whole campaign, but I believe the public service announcements are genuine because they're so corny and uninspiring.


That's a puppet. It's not real. I'm not going to live my dreams because a puppet is living his. This message is so cheesy, only genuine people would make it.


This is reminding us to... music? Well, thank goodness somebody is. Otherwise I might forget.
If you want to actually get my attention and remind me to be a better person, you're going to have to be a little more realistic. FIND OUT HOW... AFTER THE JUMP.


That's a good point, Kermit. I hate how famous you are.


No! I remember... she did something that caused her to want to take off her shirt. Can't say what, but I know it. I swear I do.


It's time to give up you guys. Pass it on.