Remember back when Portland had a real, progressive radio station? A million-billion years ago, when Air America seemed like an idea that could actually work and KPOJ piped progressive voices onto our airwaves and gave us a radio station that actually expressed this town's dominant political perspective? Remember that?

Yeah, me neither.

OK, that's not true, I kind of remember it. But even though it just went away last Fall, it seems like a long time ago. I think time starts passing in dog-years when Lars Larson is the only talk-radio voice you can hear.

One of the mainstays on KPOJ, Carl Wolfson, had a morning show there from 2007-2012. Carl's a funny, quick, engaging host, and when he lost his show because KPOJ became a part of the Evil Empire, he launched a self-funding campaign to get a new, Internet-based radio show going.

Before becoming a progressive radio voice, Wolfson was a stand-up comedian. He still performs, and has a show tonight. You'll get to hear him do some of his act, and also hear from special guests. I'm told that guests include the hilarious Susan Rice, and also the sometimes unintentionally hilarious Jefferson Smith. Just this morning Smith launched a new twice-weekly show on Wolfson's station, "Thank You Democracy," which airs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10am. You can catch Wolfson's show from 7-9am weekdays, or stream it later.

Tonight's comedy show is at the First Unitarian Church, at 7pm. Get tickets here.