NETFLIX IS RUINING EVERYTHING! They totally are! No they aren't! NERD PANIC! And a succinct reminder from why Gizmodo about why Netflix's (accidental?) cropping of their movies in certain regions matters:

That's the biggest problem with cropping; you don't even know what you're missing. You're likely not conscious of it when watching a movie, but it's a constant force that shapes your experience. It's not that cropped movies can't be enjoyed—they can. But you are losing the aesthetic and its full effect. You're essentially watching a different movie than the one that was made. A worse movie.You wouldn't listen to Abbey Road without the bass lines. You wouldn't enjoy the Mona Lisa from the neck down. Isn't a little letterboxing worth the same fidelity from movies as well? (Via.)

HEY, IT'S ELECTRO! Or, rather, Jamie Foxx as Electro in the new Spider-Man movie, hyping the movie's panel at Comic-Con. Like most things at Comic-Con, it's a whole lot of marketing buildup followed by next to nothing. Whee! Their tagline "Electro Arrives" seems lame, though. BETTER CHOICE: RENAMING AN ENTIRE STREET IN SAN DIEGO "ELECTRO AVENUE"! And having "Electric Avenue" play the whole time all the way up and down the street! Marketing firms! Hire me!

Anyway, that's an improvement over crappy old Electro, but part of Electro's charm is how crappy he is, so we'll see how this all works out.

  • From Amazing Spider-Man #9, art by Steve Ditko

GODZILLA IS FAT! Also from Comic-Con—and just in time for him to look totally underwhelming compared to all the kaiju in Pacific Rim—it's the new Godzilla! Yes, I'm okay with body shaming Godzilla. That guy is a dick. (I'm sorry. I love you Godzilla.)