Behold—and I don't say this lightly—the MOST TERRIBLE PERSON CURRENTLY ALIVE IN THE WORLD.

You see, I'm normally a very helpful person. When I see a stalled car in an intersection, I'll pull over and help push it clear. When an older person at the market can't quite reach their intended purchase I grab it for them. It takes 5 seconds out of my day and I do it out of reflex. Maybe it was the way I was raised, I seriously don't even think about it. But lately I've been reading and hearing on this blog how my actions can be considered somehow "misogynistic" and somewhat "rapey". That's why I didn't help you with your bike problem and that is also why I probably will never help another woman in distress ever again, lest I offend them in some way.

Wow. Fuck this guy. Fuck him so much. It's a special breed of "terrible" when a person only does "nice" things to make himself feel better, but this petty, inane asshole easily tops that by being a raging misogynist as well? FUCK... THIS... GUY. (Ahem.) Hey, do YOU have a rant or confession you'd like to share with the world? Might as well drop it into the I, Anonymous Blog—where you'll never be as much of an asshole as this guy. SERIOUSLY, this idiot loser needs to shot into space, and... okay, I'll stop now.