This week's Letters to the Editor page is kind of all over the place, but you know what? That's cool. It just shows your range. First up:

—Have you guys ever heard of Ron Ruedi and the Hurricanes? They play every Saturday at Lydia's on 183rd and Burnside, and according to reader Clay they make the "true sounds of liberty." More so than Radiation City, even. Field trip to East Portland, anyone?

—"Randy the Pig Dog" is "all black and fat as hell and has a pig face," and hangs out outside the Pearl District Whole Foods with his master selling Street Roots. Richard suggests we do an interview. First question: How do you feel about being called "Pig Dog?"

—A very nice steampunk artist wrote in to reassure me that it's A-ok not to understand steampunk because nobody understands steampunk, being that it's "the history of a future that never was but should have been." Okay then.

—BJ (haha) wrote a succinct, mean, and sarcastic—but funny!—little ditty about Steve Novick's conversations on health care reform.

—There's been a lot talk about this whole reservoir thing, but Mt. Tabor isn't the only park stirring controversy. When's the last time you drank illegally and did some really cool graffiti in Colonel Summers Park?

—Hey look, soothing words for the author of an I, Anonymous. Unicorns do exist.

Food Not Bombs: Also feeling threatened at Colonel Summers Park.
  • Dirk VanderHart
  • Food Not Bombs: Also feeling threatened at Colonel Summers Park.