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Announcing Burger Week, August 5-11!

The Mercury has teamed with some of your favorite bars and restaurants to offer you specially-designed, limited-time, premium burgers for only FIVE DOLLARS.

Here's how it works: We selected our favorite burger spots, offered them meat from Nicky USA, and asked them to come up with a brand-new burger set at a strict $5 price point.

Places like Ate-Oh-Ate, TILT, Slow Bar, and many, many more are hitting it out of the park with this challenge, putting together the kinds of burgers you normally see for $10-$15. I, as the Mercury's Food and Drink editor, will be trying each of the offerings beforehand, and will post photos, origin myths, and whatever stories arise on this long, strange road.


Introducing Ate-Oh-Ates Spam Musubi Burger, $5, only during Burger Week!
  • Introducing Ate-Oh-Ate's "Spam Musubi Burger," $5, only during Burger Week!

Stay tuned for lots of photos and announcements from our vendors: Ate-Oh-Ate, Dick's Kitchen, Victory Bar, Pause, Club 21, Slow Bar, Widmer Brothers Gasthaus, Alberta Street Pub, TILT, White Owl Social Club, Rockin' Robyn's Sassy Burger, and more! Also, please visit our website and join our Facebook page:

Portland Mercury Burger Week (official site)
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