Amid reports that no-parking signs for tomorrow morning have gone up around Portland City Hall, a source privy to Mayor Charlie Hales' planning says tomorrow is a top choice for when to call in power-washers and clear out sidewalks currently home to a camping protest.

Tuesday's not a done deal, but it's probably the office's top choice. That also meshes with what the mayor said this morning at a press conference—tomorrow—before the police softened that to a tactically superior "sometime this week." (But that information also came before the mayor's office acknowledged it can't enforce sidewalk laws after 9 pm, the daily sunset time mentioned in the city's ordinance.)

Only one thing is probably certain: If it happens, it will happen before Friday, if it happens this week.

That's when the mayor leaves for the Oregon Mayors Association's summer conference, according to his calendar for the week. He's also got a packed schedule Wednesday and Thursday: Wednesday is a big day in city council and also when an arts tax work session is scheduled. Thursday is Last Thursday, the second in a row his office is managing.

Oh, and for the record? The previous mayor's office already declared much of the area around city hall a high-traffic pedestrian zone. The only parts around city hall not covered by Sam Adams and former PBOT Director Tom Miller are the strips on SW 4th between the loading zone in front of city hall and SW Jefferson and SW Madison, respectively. Signs put up last year were pretty immediately defaced.