The Big Tilt. Only $5.
  • The Big Tilt. Only $5.

This announcement is part of our 2013 Burger Week (Aug 5-11), where we team with local restaurants and vendors to bring you $5 gourmet hamburgers!

If the first burger prototype from Burger Week is any indication, our participating restaurants are blowing the doors off the $5 burger concept. TILT has created an epic stack based on the Big Mac - only they pick up where the golden arches left off. TILT's gigantic Big Tilt (named by the owner's 6-year old son, Max) is two 100% beef patties, custom-baked three-layer bun, special sauce, thick double-smoked applewood bacon, two slices of American cheese, pickles, tomato, thin-shaved onion, and the wise choice of shredded iceberg, which will take you back to those better times before arugula took our innocence away. Oh, and there's an egg in there too, so you get finishing notes of Egg McMuffin.

For those of you who are mindful of such things, yes, the Big Tilt can be picked up and eaten as a sandwich, despite its grandeur.

Try TILT's Big Tilt and see how a classic American icon would taste if made with integrity, not spreadsheets and USDA lobbyists. At $5, this is a bizarrely good value. The Big Tilt will be available only during Burger Week, August 5th-11th.

TILT's full menu includes fries, housemade tots, real salads, and some of the best scratch-made pies in the city, baked on-site.

TILT (official site)
3449 N.Anchor, Suite 200 (Swan Island)

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