Last summer Jen LaMastra—best know for making truly astonishing, detail heavy clothing out of garbage—did an artist's residence at the dump:

Since then, she's partnered with some of the people she worked alongside during the GLEAN project, Chandra Glaeseman and Sarah Wolf Newlands to create the collective (F)Utility, and this week they're taking over the Museum of Contemporary Craft for another, presumably cleaner, residency. Beginning today and running through Saturday (between 11 am and 6 pm) you can drop by (it's free) to check out a collaboration, "Defining the Grey Areas," that LaMastra describes as "nothing short of magical... Chandra is starting a new series of critters that will include a coyote and a series of rats, Sarah Wolf Newlands will practice non-traditional felting and provide old socks a new lease on life, and I will be working on a new Wearable Trash dress made out of a parachute and human hair scraps!"

Ack, hair scraps! Ewwww. They'll also be hosting daily workshops between 1 and 3 pm on the reuse of a variety of materials. (This part's not free: $10 per workshop.) Today is plastic, textiles are tomorrow, metal is on Thursday, natural materials are Friday, and paper is on Saturday. Theirs is the second to last in this summer's series of weeklong residencies at the museum: Next up is Surabhi Gosh's fabric-based installation project which, if I'm interpreting this correctly, will involve covering the museum's interior in pieced together pairs of old pants. Should be fun!