I was thinking maybe like this: *o* or like some kind of winky drunk face ;S thing, but it just doesn't work.

REGARDLESS, here is the Cascade Barrel House description of what they're tapping for their weekly Tap It Tuesday event, during which they tap into live, currently-aging, unblended beers:

Tonight's Tap It Tuesday at 6pm is LIVE: Cherry Bourbonic Plague. We took a 13-month-old Bourbonic Plague and aged it a further 12 months on sour pie cherries. Huge aromas of dark cherries, Bourbon and spices are noticed in the front. Big, rich, dark cherries, dates, oak, leather and tobacco blossom slowly on the palate. Deep cherry notes, dark fruits and a warming Bourbon flavor finish this off as only the Bourbonic can. 12% ABV, $8 Glass, $3 Taster

Bourbonic Plague is an already-stupidly-amazing blend of dark beers from wine and bourbon barrels that was then aged with dates. It was already over a year old and now it's two years old and full of cherries. Seriously, if that doesn't wet your goddamn whistle, your whistle is unwettable. Go wet it! I'm not sure if it's tapped yet or not, because this is supposed to start at 6pm, but it says it's live already on the internet/twitter/facebook/largely-unread-Cascade-Xanga-account.

Also totally help me out with this "excited about getting drunk on expensive, two-year-old beer" smiley/emoticon/whateverthekidscallit. Please. ;@ &D ??? It's too hard, I'm too old, etc. etc.