You may recall the Our Portland Story project, a yearbook-like collection of Portland-related narratives and designs submitted by its citizens, now in its second volume. This summer, in collaboration with the having-a-very-active-moment Museum of Contemporary Craft, it's running a whole series of events starting now and running through September 7.

Starting today, the museum will be hosting Cabinet of Curiosity, which will include completed pages of the almost-ready second volume as well as objects referenced in the projects' stories, like "old Portland concert posters, historical artifacts, and cultural oddities." The official kickoff party is this Saturday (6-8 pm) with readings from a handful of the book's authors, Hopworks beer, and the band Father's Pocket Watch.

Further down the calendar are events for kids, an improv showcase presented in conjunction with the Brody Theater, and invitations to the public to write down stories surrounding their personal artifacts and local places, an interactive map, and the opportunity to record oral stories and interviews as well. You can check out the complete lineup here.)

The first edition of the book was a little heavy on twee hipster representation, so it will be cool to see if progressive volumes diversify away from the N. Mississippi vibe to include more voices from other cultural scenes, whether they be metalheads, refugees, or those rich people whose houses you see on the Portland Spirit lunch cruise. Opening it up through public events like this seems like a good way to make the effort to engage with more people.