While André 3000 is too busy with "some Gillette shit" to hang out with Big Boi anymore ( :( ), apparently he managed to find a bit of time to strap on a guitar and play Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming film All Is By My Side. Okay! Have you always wanted to know what Andre 3000 looked like when dressed up as Jimi Hendrix? Yeah, me neither, but regardless, here's the first image of him in costume, via The Film Stage.

  • ALL IS BY MY SIDE Dwee! Dweedle-deet-deee! Dweeee! PURPLE HAZE!

I'd say "Let's hope it's better than Idlewild," but that would ignore the fact that nothing could ever be worse than Idlewild. So there's that, at least. Anyway, let us now remember better times: