The Spam Musubi Burger, only $5!
  • The Spam Musubi Burger, only $5!

This announcement is part of our 2013 Burger Week (Aug 5-11), where we team with local restaurants and vendors to bring you $5 gourmet hamburgers!

Ate-Oh-Ate continues the theme of blowing the doors off the $5 burger concept with their Spam Musubi Burger, which looks like something you'd normally pay about twelve bucks for.

The Musubi Burger is: Freshly ground Laurelhurst Market burger patty on a butter-toasted sesame brioche bun, topped with slices of fried Spam and a fried egg, and garnished with furikake (toasted sesame and nori), iceberg lettuce, shaved sweet onion and spicy mayonnaise.

This burger has intense, mouth-watering char. The tenderness of the Spam is texturally in sync with the thick, medium-rare patty, meaning it does the seasoning duty of bacon without any of the pull-away issues. Despite the remarkable juiciness of the beef and the egg yolk, the well-matched brioche bun handles it through to the end. It's one of those rare "eyes roll back in your head and you become inordinately friendly toward the general public"-type burgers. I sensed the kitchen was so happy with it they were considering keeping it around after the promotion, but it would be wise to go in and try it while it's still only five dollars.

2454 E. Burnside

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