A few years ago, the Kiggins Theater in downtown Vancouver was renovated—and ever since, it's boasted some pretty great programming, from arthouse and mainstream hits to midnight movies (this Friday night: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil), Doctor Who, Rocky Horror Picture Show events, and eclectic stuff like documentaries about Bronies.

The studio-mandated transition to digital projection is an expensive proposition for independent theaters—while almost all of America's chain theaters have made the switch, it's been much, much trickier for smaller theaters. Joining a herd of similar Kickstarter projects (I counted over 15 current or recent similar Kickstarters, including another one nearby, in Prineville), the Kiggins has launched a campaign to raise the funds needed to convert its projector from 35mm to digital.

It's worth chipping in—Portland has a robust scene of independent movie theaters, but having the Kiggins be crippled would be a blow to the region. (And it's easy to forget how close Vancouver actually is; at 15 minutes up I-5, it doesn't take much longer to get there than to many of Portland's theaters.) I just threw in $25; if you like being able to choose from a good number of theaters that aren't owned by Regal Entertainment Group (based in Knoxville, Tennessee!) or Cinemark Theatres (Plano, Texas!), I'd encourage you to consider doing the same. This sort of stuff is an excellent, excellent use of Kickstarter. (Though Steven Soderbergh making Spike Lee take him to dinner and a Knicks game is pretty amazing too.)