I'll admit it: With the exception of their holiday pop-up shop, I haven't been to Saturday Market in... gosh, many years (unless you count dodging attendees as the agility training portion of a jog). I mean, it's the Fisherman's Wharf of Portland, right? Strictly for tourists? That said, it's no surprise either that there are some diamonds tucked between the elephant ears and henna tattoos, it's just that getting to them is sort of exhausting.

One case in point is Orox Leather Co., a family business since 1969 that began with traditional Mexican leatherwork (their signature items are sandals) and has since branched into "more progressive designs" like leather tennis shoes and bags:


Recently they graduated from a garage workshop to a combination work studio/storefront at 450 NW Couch, and are celebrating with a grand opening on August 1st—click over to MOD for the details on the event, including what they're planning to do with the former Church of Elvis.