Did you read my "Worst. Night. Ever." post yesterday about how you made me dress up like a wizard and attend the Canterbury Renaissance Faire? IT'S PRETTY GOOD! But here's an update! As you recall, I was very unimpressed by most of the merchandise there—which consisted of crocheted chain mail, ugly pictures of wolves howling at the moon, scented skull candles, and various hand-carved wizard staffs—BUT!! There was one item that knocked my freaking socks off and it was this:

A woodburned portrait of Data from Star Trek: Next Generation meeting C-3PO! SQUEEEEEEE!!!

  • "WOWWWWWW!!"

As I noted in the piece, i was initially put off by the $40 asking price, but ever since then I've been kicking my own ass (and letting you join in) for not purchasing the greatest piece of art ever maaaaaaaade! Happily, the artist Colleen Jess commented on the story, so all is not lost!


Now because I'm such a nice person, I'm going to step aside and let the rest of you dorks fight it out over who will order and this amazing piece. OR maybe you can ask her to make more and put 'em on back order! Thanks again Colleen, for making the world a MUCH better place!