Chad Lanning and John Shepski of Fluff & Gravy
  • Gerry Mendoza
  • Chad Lanning and John Shepski of Fluff & Gravy
Another week, another Mercury music section that should not be judged on the merits of its public work and whose private life is entirely your damn business, thank you very much.

What does it take to run a record label in this crazy-dazy internet age? Insanity helps, but we asked the good folks at local labels like Tender Loving Empire, Fluff & Gravy, Party Damage, and Eolian Empire what sort of cojones and dedication it requires to become the 21st century equivalent of Ahmet Ertegun.

Of his new album, Daughn Gibson says "the image in my head was the Terminator in a honky-tonk" and now you are interested.

LISTEN: Daughn Gibson - "You Don't Fade"

Aside from making gorgeous music, solo instrumental guitarist William Tyler is the current beacon for American primitivism.

LISTEN: William Tyler - "Cadillac Desert"

Debate Club! This is what happens when you put two Rush fans in a conversation together. (Spoiler: nerdery.)

LISTEN: Rush - "By-Tor and the Snow Dog (I. At the Tobes of Hades; II. Across the Styx; III. Of The Battle: (a) Challenge and Defiance, (b) 7/4 War Furor, (c) Aftermath, (d) Hymn of Triumph; IV. Epilogue)"

And an incriminating paper trail of Up & Coming shows.