I love Sons of Anarchy and YOU CANNOT JUDGE ME if you watch The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, True Blood, or any other similarly remarkably stupid yet easily addictive program, okay? That is why I am medium-interested in the fact that Greg the Peg (one of the former Nomads who was secretly enlisted by that asshole Clay against Jax—the one, yes, with a missing leg, and yes I had to look him up because he's that minor of a character) will be making an appearance en moto at the—wait for it—Kiehl's store on NW 23rd on Thursday Aug 1 from 11 am-1 pm. How's that for random?

Turns out he's one of an entourage of hog-riding famous-ish people on a Kiehls/Harley-sponsored multi-city motorcycle ride to raise money for amfAR, and if a minor Sons villain doesn't float your boat, there's also Gilles Marini, who you may recall as "Dante" from the outdoor-shower sex scene in the first Sex and the City movie (!).

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Oh and there's also... John Corbett, who is, you know... John Corbett. Plus, locals Michelle Lesniak (Project Runway), singer Stephanie Schneiderman, Scoop ice cream Picklopolis pickles, Mt. Angel Root Beer, and skincare products, with 100% of the net profits going to a totally good cause. Don't be ashamed to rubberneck at the talent—this isn't Hollywood, it's NW 23rd. I used to work on NW 23rd and this is pretty good for NW 23rd!