After bringing in hefty numbers this summer, CBS is planning on renewing their hit Under the Dome for a second season. As for those who are wondering if an extension of the show would strain credibility, CBS CEO Les Moonves says this the NYT and you:

“Why can’t they be under the dome for a long period of time? This is television.”

Okay. Since I like to be helpful, here are a few ways they could stay under the dome where it would still make sense.

1) START A NEW DOME! But put this one over the White House. Or better yet? Congress! Yeaaaaaaaah.

2) Put a dome inside the dome. Or multiple domes! Like for example, when anyone says a curse word, a mini-dome would drop on them.

3) The dome turns into the Houston Astrodome. And the inhabitants can't help but play football? Right? (I am not grasping here.)

4) Someone discovers a hole in the dome, but whenever they pass through it, they wind up in a different Chik-fil-A. WITH A DOME OVER IT.

5) Okay, I don't have any other ideas. This show is stupid now, and will continue to be so.

Oh, heres another one... they could teach mime classes!
  • Courtesy CBS
  • Oh, here's another one... they could teach mime classes!