Burger Is Larger Than Foreground French Fries Suggest.
  • $5 Burger Is Larger Than Foreground French Fries Suggest.

This announcement is part of our 2013 Burger Week (Aug 5-11), where we team with local restaurants and vendors to bring you $5 gourmet hamburgers!

White Owl Social Club, the rock and roll restaurant, bar, venue, and million-acre-outdoor-patio brainchild of the unstoppable guys behind Sizzle Pie, completely owned Burger Week's vegan angle. With a full menu that's at least half vegan and gluten-free, their meatless items are flavor-tested by omnivorous cooks to ensure they're not missing any savory umami. Their brilliant vegan burger, built with beets, crushed Oregon hazelnuts, seaweed, quinoa, and flax, looks like an actual burger, and has the varied texture and rewarding richness such patties usually lack. In order to completely nail the concept to the floor, they top this $5 masterpiece with creamy buttery Daiya jalapeno havarti, "misonnaise," the legendary New Mexican roasted Hatch chilies, onion rings, and chimichurri sauce. The team at White Owl is serious about meeting all of Portland's dietary needs, and goes to great lengths to make sure their alternative fare gets the royal treatment in both development and execution. If you live vegan, this burger is a must-try, and it will only be $5 August 5th-11th.

Cutaway reveals actual, enticing color!
  • Cutaway reveals actual, enticing color!

White Owl Social Club
1305 SE 8th Ave
Mon-Sun 3 pm - 2:30 am


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