Before we get to the trailer: I heard a lot of people on the internet moaning that changing the title of Tom Cruise's upcoming robot-suit movie from All You Need is Kill to Edge of Tomorrow was a terrible move. And it does suck in that All You Need is Kill, based on the novel by the same name from Hiroshi Sakurazaka sticks in the head a little bit better, primarily because it's weird-sounding, where Edge of Tomorrow sounds like a direct-to-video Wesley Snipes movie or something.

But the bigger travesty is the name of David O.Russell's '70s crime drama, based on the ABSCAM sting operation. I mean, American Hustle is a decent name. But it's not as fun, or as memorable, as its original title, American Bullshit. But because it's harder to get an ad in the paper when one of the most commonly used terms in the vernacular is put in the title, we have to settle for Hustle. Which is Bullshit.

Here's the trailer, starring a veritable Justice League of Russell's, built out of key castmembers from his last two films, Amy Adams and Christian Bale from The Fighter (aka Lois Lane and Batman), and Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper from Silver Linings Playbook (aka Mystique and Trashbag John Travolta). Featuring a great use of Led Zeppelin's Good Times, Bad Times, and so much low-cut, slightly sleazy '70s imagery that I got a tan and a smoker's cough just watching it, American Hustle Bullshit opens Christmas Day, 2013.