Tomorrow is the release party for Batman '66—a comic return to the days when Bats wasn't such a goddamn Grumpy Gus—at Bridge City Comics, which of course reminds me of the campy late '60s Batman TV series, and this hilarious vintage record recorded by Burt Ward (who played Robin) with a veeeeerrrry interesting cohort. From Dangerous Minds:

This song, believe it or not, is actually a collaboration between Burt Ward, better known as “Robin” on the 60s Batman TV series, and Frank Zappa. Long circulated on variously titled bootlegs, “The Boy Wonder Sessions” were recorded in 1966 with Mothers of Invention (and Velvet Underground) producer Tom Wilson at the mixing desk. Mothers Jimmy Carl Black, Elliot Ingber and Roy Estrada are present, however Zappa doesn’t actually play on these sessions, although he arranged and wrote most of the material recorded. Note the bit that sounds like Zappa’s later “Duke of Prunes” composition near the end.

Check it out, it's hilarious and screams Zappa!