One thing I love about the I, Anonymous Blog is how trolls use it to troll people, but the only people reading it are other trolls—so it works out pretty good for trolls! Example:

You Know You are a Hipster When.... are reading this say you hate hipsters. respond to this. claim your mustache growing was before it was hip. haves neck tattoo(s). say "I've never heard of that band" when you are a liar. say " you've never heard this band, have you"? are poly something go to wacky random chicken wing frying parties.
10. you display all your misc. keys on your belt.

OH NOES! HE CALLED ME A "HIPSTER!" I MUST RESPOND IN A VIOLENT FASHION! Pop over there, read the rest of his lazy list, get infuriated, and comment in kind. You know the drill. It's the I, Anonymous Blog—where, again, you know the drill.