I want to live in this beer label!

This is now the second post in the same day about delicious barrel-aged farmhouse-style ales with brettanomyces funkiness, but that's just how your weekend is going to go. Assuming, as I always do, that you take my word as gospel and drink whatever I tell you to drink because you want to be a happy, productive human being.

Every year, Upright Brewing releases Flora Rustica, a summer saison spiced with flowers—yarrow, calendula, and of course hop flowers. It's always a highlight of the season and a total bouquet in a glass, the kind of beer that might have actually attracted bees in the days before Colony Collapse Disorder.*

This year, Alex Ganum and Co. decided to take some of that beer and let it get comfy and cozy and take a little nap in some of their deep, dark, brett-filled barrels. The result is a farmhouse ale that smells like meadows blooming over wet earth and packs a cool, bright tartness that shoots through you on the first sip like a ray of sunshine. So it's either a cure for grey, damp today or a companion to warm, sunny tomorrow.

Check your favorite bottle shops (Saraveza, Apex, The Hop & Vine, Bottles, Beermongers, Imperial, Tin Bucket, etc.), because it's on shelves now!

*Sorry if that's a downer about the bees. Stop being such a baby—it's just a harbinger of the downfall of the global agricultural system. At least you're getting stung less.