I don't even eat meat and I've been evangelically telling all my meat-eating friends about this because it's such a smoking deal: The Mercury hooked up with Nicky USA, Widmer Brewing, and a bunch of eating establishments already known for their burgers—Victory Bar, Alberta Street Pub, Pause, so many more—to create a city-wide week of inventive, luxe burgers for just five bucks a pop: Portland Burger Week. Taking advantage of Nicky's famous variety of meats, some of the burgers stray from classic beef to things like elk, buffalo, and venison, and many feature unusual elements, from spatzle to Spam to kimchee. Oh, and White Owl Social Club even made a vegan version for pansies like me!

The burgers will be available starting today and through August 11th—check out write-ups on all of 'em over here, 'cuz you'll want to schedule this out.

TILTs $5 Big Tilt
  • TILT's $5 Big Tilt