Ten years ago tonight, the FOX network debuted a teen nighttime soap called The O.C.—and the world irrefutably changed forever. Here's a great montage of early season one clips set to The O.C.'s theme by Phantom Planet:

AND here's my list of the top ten greatest characters from The O.C. in ascending order of greatness:

10. Kevin Volchok (AKA surf nazi, AKA guy who killed Marissa!)
9. Marissa (after she was dead)
8. Alex Kelly (AKA Olivia Wilde, AKA Marissa's lover before she was dead!)
7. TIE: Princess Sparkle (Summer's toy horse), and Pancakes (Summer's real bunny)
6. Ryan Atwood (not bad for a walking bar of soap)

(Check out my top five after the jump!)

5. Chrismukkah!
4. Sandy Cohen (Best TV dad EVARRRRR!)
3. Seth Cohen (Adam Brody initially lured me into the series, but was quickly topped by the erotic bitchiness of...)
2. Summer Roberts (I rest my case.)