I'm not sure how many more fancy sandwich shops this town can sustain, but I'm ready to find out. After eating some of the best sandwiches Portland has to offer while out at Pickathon over the weekend—Bunk's muffaletta, Pine State's Reggie—last night we hit up Hawthorne sandwich shop Devil's Dill, which opened earlier this year, keeps late hours, and delivers. I'd had a couple drinks at Ian Karmel's final Portland as Fuck show earlier in the evening, so this is hardly a clear-eyed review, but my turkey sandwich was solid—I like kale on a sandwich, I gotta say, and tomato jam and turkey is a nice combo. My boyfriend was disappointed with his tuna sandwich, though. ("It's just a wad of damp tuna on some bread," he said sadly.) I'd eat there again, the main selling point being that they're open until 3 am and offer free delivery. The menu is here, and the shop is located at 1711 SE Hawthorne.