Cycling aficionado and Chef at downtown Portland's Clyde Common, Chris Diminno is currently being featured in a new Levi's ad campaign for commuter-wear. Check him out here in a picturesque day-in-the-life segment, making biking in well-fitted jeans appear way more comfortable than I would think possible:

And to kick off a national tour to appeal specifically to the cycling community and local music fans, Levi's is hosting a party tonight at the Wonder Ballroom under the original premise of a "Commuter Bike Shop," promising free tune-ups, repairs, tailoring, and other work, in addition to drank by Dogwood Distilling and Cutty Sark and live music by local favorites Pure Bathing Culture, Onuinu, and Magic Mouth. For FREE. I would expect that there will also be some pants for sale, because if Chris Diminno can rock Levi's on Clyde's busy hot line every night, you probably want a pair.

RSVP here, if only to witness how dancing and a promised bike wash compete for space at this event. Also, a bike sprints contest that could get interesting as the drinking progresses. Doors are at 5, the show starts at 8, and the event goes til 11.

The Wonder Ballroom is located at 128 NE Russell.