Bees became the new chickens, like, seven years ago but beekeeping isn't the sort of thing you should just jump into. Chickens + mealworms = eggs*. BOOM! But bees could kill you! Note: don't take up backyard beekeeping if you're deathly allergic to bees, maybe.

Conveniently, Hands on Hives is offering a series of classes from August 11 through September 21 that will cover "demonstrating bees' gentle nature" as well as all the basics for the novice beekeeper and seasonally appropriate activities like actually harvesting the honey and getting bees ready for the winter. Hit the website for a complete rundown on what's being covered on a given day. You can go to just one class for 30 clams, or go for a package of three for $80, and they also have series going for the other seasons of the year that go over good stuff to know like "swarm control." Yes please on the swarm control. Your neighbors will thank you.

*This may be an oversimplification. I'm only one year out of apartment life. I'm still learning how to grow tomatoes.