The PDX ♥ JPN series at the Mission Theater is halfway through. A benefit for continued relief (via Mercy Corps) for tsunami victims, the series also emphasizes the art of sake consumption. Sake brewer Gordon Heady initiated the series in part to help remedy "the general misunderstanding of sake in the United States. Japanese food is the fastest growing cuisine in our country, but premium Japanese sake remains a mystery. We made it our goal to raise awareness... and promote chilled, premium sake as one of the most delicious beverages in the world.”

See? As usual, you're doing it wrong. To rectify that, Heady is teeming with a variety of Japanese food experts from places like Biwa and Yakuza to hold pre-film sake classes each night, through the series' conclusion on Friday night. My pick would be for tonight's screening, since they're showing Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which is not only appropriate to the foodie character of this whole shebang, but is also an interesting, almost painful look at the Jiro Ono, widely considered the best sushi chef in the world. Why "painful"? Because his unrelenting discipline and utter dedication to just one thing—sometimes at the expense of other things in life, like family—is both awesome and kind of heartbreaking. It will also make you desperately crave sushi, so plan on a late dinner.

PDX ♥ JPN starts at 6:45 (the film screens at 7:30), Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan, $7 for the film, $5 for the class.