Tonight at 6pm, Floating World will be showing off a new book by Ben Catmull, whose awesome comic Monster Parade is currently on Study Group. Monster Parade manages to be varied in style and tone, swerving from surreal and cloudy to creepily, grossly hilarious without ever losing a bone-deep unnervingness. His wordless stories are sometimes more arresting than those with words. Here, for instance, are two panels from a forest story that manages to convey an extremely unsettling loudness without any words or even sounds:


Catmull's taking that knack for creepy world-building to its natural setting in a new art book called Ghosts and Ruins (ten-page excerpt at the link!), out from Phantagraphics.

The book is a series of drawings of haunted houses accompanied by "the stories and rumors of who haunts them." Given Catmull's brilliance at single-panel complexity and the delightfully nauseating depth of his creativity, Ghosts and Ruins should be a great addition to your coffee table and/or gothic library.