We're still waiting on a number of records requests from the city regarding the claims of Portland Police Officer Kevin Macho, who says he's been passed up for promotion in favor of "lesser-qualified women and others" and has threatened to sue. They're simple requests, including a copy of the police bureau's diversity and promotion policies, and a list of officers who've been promoted in the last year.

The cops have said they don't have that stuff yet. Then they just sent out a press release detailing a bunch of their promotions and inviting media to attend a fancy ceremony. I'm still sighing.

The list shows that just two of ten officers being promoted to the rank of sergeant are female. The rest must be the "others" Macho's tort claim notice [pdf] mentions.

In order to make sergeant, officers have to have at least 4.5 years with the department and undergo a written exam and interviews. Qualified candidates get put on a promotional list (which Macho says he was on, and which we've also asked for).

It depends on how long an officer's been with the department, but the move up to sergeant doesn't involve an enormous pay bump right away. Officers with four years of experience earn $71,864, which steps up to $76,389 at five years. Starting pay for a police sergeant is $77,730 and salaries top out at nearly $88,000.

Here's the full list of promotions the police bureau sent out.

Commander Mike Crebs to Assistant Chief of Services
Commander Donna Henderson to Assistant Chief of Investigations

Captain George Burke to Commander of Detectives
Captain Kevin Modica to Commander of Transit
Captain Sara Westbrook to Commander of East Precinct

Officer James Crooker to Sergeant
Officer Jennifer Baxter to Sergeant
Officer Heidi Brockmann to Sergeant
Officer Darke Hull to Sergeant
Officer Matthew Jamison to Sergeant
Officer Jason Lile to Sergeant
Officer James Quackenbush to Sergeant
Officer Robert Quick to Sergeant
Officer Robert Slyter to Sergeant
Officer Todd Tackett to Sergeant

The Police Bureau will also be promoting and honoring four non-sworn personnel:

Michelle Sparks to Police Administrative Support Specialist Senior
Nicole Wrigley to Police Administrative Support Specialist Senior

Tyson Estes to Police Administrative Support Specialist
Mary Prottsman to Police Administrative Support Specialist