I don't think I need to remind anyone that Mercury employees are... the... WORST. They fill up the office refrigerator with moldy fruits, spoiled milk, and skeet blankets. They clip their nails... in unison. They string up fishing wire at neck level to see if anything "funny" will happen (I'm actually not lying about this). And they become morosely offended if anyone happens to notice they show up late for work and then do nothing else for the rest of the afternoon except watch otter videos and complain about how the office is too noisy to nap.

HOWEVER! Even these feckless hipster layabouts have nothing on the worst employee in the world, Associate Producer Jordan Schlansky who works for Conan O'Brien's show. Here, Conan catches Jordan coming in repeatedly late for work, and hilariously eviscerates him for our enjoyment. Since Jordan is the worst employee in the world, he remains unflappable—but, as it turns out, THAT'S HILARIOUS, TOO. Watch.