On the matter of government surveillance, President Barack Obama held a closed-door meeting with CEOs, engineers, and so-called privacy experts from the nation's leading tech companies (the companies implicated in Edward Snowden's NSA leaks) including AT&T, Apple, and Google.

As for Snowden, camped in Russia, the government leaned on Lavabit, the company he uses for encrypted email service, forcing it to shut down. Remember! You don't have to worry if you don't have anything to hide. And you don't have anything to hide, do you?

Vague terrorism threats (I'm sensing a trend) have now spread to the US Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan, which has been evacuated. Embassies elsewhere in the Muslim world, in the Mideast and Africa, have been shut down for days.

Everyone remains worried that Syria, torn apart by civil war and increasingly carved up by militant groups, will be the next breeding ground and sanctuary for Islamist terrorism. Joining destabilized states like Afghanistan and Yemen and Sudan and Somalia and Libya and...

Russian gulags are filled with would-be small-business owners imprisoned for "economic crimes." Vladimir Putin is letting those prisoners out in a crazy scheme to rescue Russia's stagnant, suffering economy.

Mitch McConnell's campaign manager, a Tea Party devotee more friendly with likely 2016 presidential hopeful Rand Paul, was caught talking about how he was "holding his nose" in helping the establishment McConnell fend off a primary challenge from the right.

Hi, Florida! The family of an 18-year-old who died after a cop Tasered him, because of alleged tagging, isn't convinced the Miami Police Department will do a terribly thorough job investigating the teenager's death.

Hi, Florida!A man allegedly murdered his wife, photographed her corpse, and then posted it on Facebook.

Do you like to pray to the Christian God? Do you like attending your local government's regularly scheduled meetings? Then the Obama administration and congressional Republicans are your friend!

The Church of Scientology did not kill leader David Miscavige's wife, Los Angeles police have told angry expat and former sitcom actress Leah Remini.

A civil rights suit by Liz Nichols, the Occupy Portland protester caught on camera eating a mouthful of pepper spray during a confusing police action nearly two years ago, is currently at trial. A cop accused of poking Nichols in the throat with a baton before she was sprayed has denied poking Nichols in the throat.

East Coast travel sections are now telling tourists to take the MAX to Kenton and walk to St. Johns. Where I live.