If you have an iPhone and service through Verizon and live in Portland, then your phone did a terrifying shrieking thing a few days back. It freaked you out, and completely threw you off your Solitaire game. But cheer up! Solitaire glory comes and goes, but your phone was shrieking to let you know a 16-year-old California girl was missing. She still is.

A former Microsoft executive crashed his small plane into two Connecticut homes yesterday, killing himself and his son, as well as two kids in one of the homes.

Meet the (apparently) much-discussed Nick Beef.

A jury yesterday found Portland cops didn't use excessive force against a 22-year-old Occupy protestor back in 2011.

Meanwhile, Seattle will have to pay out $1.75 million after police in 2010 violently arrested a mentally ill man, Portland style.

Most of the US embassies temporarily closed due to terrorist threats will reopen tomorrow. Not Yemen, though. Yemen's still bracing for impact.

My least favorite person so far today is this Manhattan plastic surgeon offering up free work for people that set him up on dates.

Chicago: Still insanely violent.

Edward Snowden: Still leakin'.

"Thunderstorms!" bellows the Weather Widget. Probably more of her mendacity.


There was a damn decent compilation of Vine videos floating around the web yesterday, and I was excited to share it with you all. It's been taken down, though, so here's this!