a) As Harrison Ford gets older, he is in crappier movies, giving crappier performances in them.

b) As Harrison Ford gets older, he is grumpier and awesomer in real life than he ever was before.

WHAT IS THE NET GAIN OR LOSS IN THIS SCENARIO? Seeing Harrison Ford in movies now is a bummer, because he does not give a fuck. Seeing Harrison Ford in real life in amazing, though, because he does not give a fuck.

Here's Ford loathing all the nerds at Comic-Con and not even bothering to cover it up:

Here's Ford expressing how little he doesn't care that he's in Anchorman 2, The Expendables 3, Star Wars, and whatever else he's doing for a check:

And here's Ford on how awful Comic-Con is, how assholes like you don't appreciate movies anymore, and what really happened at the end of Witness:

It would be interesting to find out if John Book from Witness is living out his days on that Amish farm with his Amish bride.
He left, man.

You don’t think he married Rachel and became an Amish farmer?
No, no. I don’t think so.

In writing this post I have decided I like real life Harrison Ford way better than actor Harrison Ford. Also, I like his philosophy: If audiences can't be give enough of a shit to go to theaters and take movies seriously anymore, why should he give a shit about making them?

Man. I really like grumpy old Harrison Ford. NET GAIN.