Former Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger was found guilty Monday in 11 of 19 murders for which he stood accused. I'm thinking Whitey is either a perfect prison nickname or the worst possible prison nickname. Time will tell!

Civil rights groups are up in arms, after North Carolina's governor signed a "voting reform bill" requiring voters to provide photo ID to fill out a ballot. It's vital, timely legislation. The state's board of elections has forwarded a whopping two voter fraud cases to prosecutors since 1994.

I live in neither San Francisco nor LA, and still I say: Bring on the Hyperloop (but maybe rename it).

Israel's "Iron Dome" missile defense system got its first true test today, when militants in Egypt sent a rocket toward a popular Israeli resort town. I give it a B+, but then I'm tough to please.

If the US won't give weapons to Syrian rebels then, damn it, Sudan will.

And guess what! Those Sudanese weapons are probably helping al-Qaeda militants create new strongholds.

DUTCH ROYALTY ALERT: Today we mourn Prince Johan Friso, a hopeless romantic and reckless skier.

Another week, another climber lost on Mount Hood. This time, it's a Polish military employee reported missing yesterday, when he didn't return from a trek to summit the mountain.

"Facebook, poke my friend Ben. Actually, Facebook, poke all of my friends."

An interesting read on US military veterans who've been deported after their service. From the Washington Post.

Is the federal government slowly, discreetly sidling up to sensible drug policy? Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement the feds will sidestep sentencing requirements for low-level drug dealers suggests: Maybe?

You don't want to be the only chump in the office today not able to discuss upcoming weather. And so you shan't be.


Now let's get it.