PICA's annual Time-Based Art festival is just under a month away, which means it's time to start sifting through the festival's program. One thing that jumped out at me immediately is that this year's lineup features some of my favorite musicians, in familiar and unfamiliar guises:

The Julie Ruin
In 1997, Kathleen Hanna released a solo album under the moniker Julie Ruin. It was dancier and more accessible than what she'd been doing in Bikini Kill, but nowhere near as polished as her later work in Le Tigre—the album effectively bridges those two more prominent phases of her career. This year, TBA kicks off with a performance from The Julie Ruin, Hanna's new band with Kathi Wilcox, Kenny Mellman, Carmine Covelli, and Sara Landeau. A couple tracks from their forthcoming album have been released so far, and this one is the best:

Kim Gordon

The former Sonic Youth bassist/ongoing badass is performing with Bill Nace under the monicker Body/Head, which the internet says is a "noise guitar duo" with an album out from Matador this September.

The Blow
Who doesn't like the Blow? WHAT KIND OF A PERSON DOESN'T LIKE THE BLOW?? For the TBA, Blow founder Khaela Maricich teams up with conceptual artist Melissa Dyne for We Put it Together So We Could Take It Apart, a show that promises to combine songs from the new Blow album, improvisation, and... art?