Hmmf! Hippies at the bulk spice station. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS.

I said "hey man, I just want to get some pepper, do you mind me getting into your special herb gathering for a moment"

You said: it's a free world man.

I pointed out the lack of prep space as there was none. Your labeled bags were everywhere....

You said : well I was here first.

I said: you are right but for fucks sake, I'm going to be gone in 3 seconds.

You said: fuckers like you! Always in a hurry! Makes me soo goddamn pissed off.

Can't stores make a special spice station only for hippies? That way we'll NEVER have to interact with them. I bet you've got good ideas like that one, too! Share those and other rants and confessions on the I, Anonymous Blog—where "it's a free world, man!"